Women in Military Service

As I was reading my devotional this morning, a thought occurred to me. Women in military service in combat. Now, one is welcome to think whatever they wish about this subject matter, but, it is more than a subject matter. Decisions matter.

Life happens.

In the book “Unbroken”, (Author Laura Hillenbrand) in WWII, a B-24D bomber was shot down in the Pacific. Three (3) men survived. Two (2) were in one raft, and one (1) in another raft. The rafts were tied together. Their food and water rations inside the rafts were gone. These men were at the mercy of the ocean and the elements for 46 days, while sharks circled their rafts. The men were losing their strength, but remained able to beat the sharks off with the oars that were inside their rafts. Many times sharks jumped out of the water trying to get into the rafts after the men. Finally, one of the men died, and the others wound up in a Japanese prison camp.

Let’s say two (2) men and a woman are in these rafts, or, that two (2) women and a man are in the rafts. (Remember, their supplies are gone, no food, no drinking water, only the ocean and the sharks are basically their world). The woman or women start their monthly period. What will they do?

I suppose by this time all modesty is lost; however, the sharks are hungry and they smell the blood. What will happen? Will the women have enough strength to hit the sharks on the nose with an oar to save themselves? I wouldn’t bet on it.

So, you say, women won’t be in a jet that could be shot down. Of course they will. There are women flying jets and helicopters in our military service now. God bless each one.

I fear our Military is being weakened by the sexual assault allegations, by allowing women in direct combat jobs, by benefits being cut, by sending the same personnel into battlefields multiple times, and, by a Commander-in-Chief who appears to be uninvolved in making tough decisions, like sending troops into Benghazi to save an American Ambassador’s life and that of three (3) American citizens. Decisions matter.

Life happens.


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