One cannot turn on the television or the radio without hearing comments about how cold the weather is in our country. Grant it, we are having a cold winter. So much for global warming.

Have you ever heard of the Battle of Fox Hill in North Korea? Perhaps you have heard of the “Frozen Chosin” which references the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea? This battle occurred in 1950.

A group of Marines, 246 men of Fox Company, Seventh Marine Regiment, would soon learn what it meant to fight in cold weather – as cold as 30 degrees below zero, while being outnumbered by forty to one. The cold was so intense their C-Rations froze. The cold was so intense their rifles and machine guns jammed with ice, bazookas would not fire, and the Marines were forced to load bullets into the chambers of their automatic weapons one at a time.

Blessings were discovered, however, because scores of men were saved from death because their bullet wounds froze over almost as quickly as they were opened. (The Last Stand of Fox Company, authors Bob Drury and Tom Clavin)

As I reflect on the state of our nation, I have to wonder how we will raise our children in the future. Will we teach them to give up when the situation appears to be overwhelming, or, will we teach them to persevere, even in the face of adversity. How will we instill in them that honesty, integrity, good character, and belief in God are the elements of a good leader? How are our children learning values?

Who is their hero – athletes, actors/actresses, gang leaders, drug dealers? Sex, drugs, and alcohol are made to look like an everyday occurrence that has no consequences. Television is ripe with shows that endorse immorality. But, we are condemned if we voice opposition.

Tonight President Obama will be delivering his State of the Union address. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the entire speech because I can only take so much of his arrogance, self-absorption, narcissism, lies.

There, I’ve said it. Our president is not a truthful man. His words about using his pen and cellphone to run the United States of America is nothing short of a dictator.

Should not the President of the United States be expected to protect the freedoms of the Citizens of the United States of America? After all, he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Honesty, integrity, good character?

Those men who died on the Frozen Chosin fought to help South Koreans to be free. Our men and women who have fought in past and current wars did and do so to help freedom’s cause. Today, our men and women serving in our military do so with a Commander-in-Chief who does not seem to care about their conditions, morale, or sacrifices. But I believe they persevere because they have integrity. These people should be a child’s hero.


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