Find Your Elected Officials Here

Your Lantana elected officials serve on the Denton Fresh Water Supply District, Boards #6 & #7.

They are for #6:
Jim VanVickle, President; Donna Robichaux, Vice-President;
Bob Baird, Secretary; Max Miller, Assistant Secretary; and,
Kurt Sewell, Treasurer.

They are for #7:
David Ware, President; Andrew Kloser, Vice-President;
Jim Lieberman, Secretary; Christopher Romolo, Assistant Secretary; and, Todd Beggs, Treasurer.

Constable Precinct 1 – office vacant
Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace – Joe Holland
Commissioner Precinct 4 – Andy Eads
Senate District 12 – Senator Jane Nelson
District 63 – Representative Tan Parker
U. S. Senator John Cornyn
U. S. Senator Ted Cruz
District 26 – U. S. Representative Michael Burgess
Sheriff Will Travis
Tax Assessor and Collector Michelle French Denton Independent School District
Learn more at Denton County and Lantana Live.

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